A review of one of the best sump pumps

Wayne CDU980ESump pump is an absolute must have for your household if your house has a basement. Basement is that part of our house that gets easily flooded because of many reasons, starting from leakage in the water proofing system or heavy rains in your area. The basement of your house is even more susceptible to damage if the ground water level in your surrounding area is higher than your basement. Flooding in your basement not only damages your house and furniture, things present in it but also makes it unhealthy to be used because of damp conditions. Sump pumps are basically submersible pumps that help you keep your basement from flooding and keep your basement dry and healthy.

There are numerous sump pumps are available in the market produce by various brands. One of those brands in Wayne, and with almost 80 years in service it is one of the most trusted and popular brand in the market of sump pumps. The Wayne CDU980E is one of the best pumps produced by them. We have reviewed this sump pump below in brief to help you know it better and see if it fits your requirement.

This is a sump pump with stainless steel body making it very durable and corrosion proof, the base is made of cast iron and comes with 3/4 HP powered motor. The vertical float switch installed in this sump pump allows it to operate automatically whenever the water level in your basement is high. And the switch is float guard protected making it immune from sudden hand ups in the middle of operation. Also the operation of this vertical float switch is very easy, simple and close to the base of the pump, making it very effective.

The top suction design of this sump pump eliminates the possibility of clogging the drainage pipe giving you the complete peace of mind. And the whole assembly can be installed quite easily without much of a fuss. Also it is very much portable, can be carried from one place to another quite easily. The 3/4 HP motor produces maximum output of 4600 gallons per hour and produces output of 3500 gallons per hour under 10’ of pressure head. And the motor is protected against thermal damages using high quality lubricant oils. The impeller of the motor of this sump pump is made of reinforced poly carbonate material ensuring longer life time. And finally this very sump pump comes with five years of manufacturer’s warranty to give you the complete peace of mind.

However, the power cord of this plug and play type sump pump is quite short. Also the handle of this sump pump is pretty short. Moreover, the noise produced by this sump pump is on the noisier side while in operation when compared to other products available in the market.

Nevertheless this very sump pump is one of the best in the market. With price just around $180, this product is a complete value for money product.

Posted on: May 17, 2018, by : admin