Engineered Timber Flooring – one of the best methods of flooring now a day

timber flooring Timber floors is considered to be one of the best alternatives of the hardwood flooring which is done traditionally. This is also considered as one of the most commonly used methods of timber flooring which is popular all over the world. When you talk about the engineered timber it is also wood. It is not like laminate flooring in which composite products are used.

How it is done:

There are two layers of timber in the flooring of engineered timber. The top layer can be seen when the flooring will be installed. The underneath timber is actually the core source of strength which provides the durability to the flooring. The durability is also ensured through the way by which the flooring is made. Every layer of the plywood is actually placed in a perpendicular method. Plenty of layers are such installed one after another and thus the durability of the flooring is ensured.

Why it is used:

There are plenty of reasons why people now use this method more than the hardwood flooring.

  • The way of installation is quite easy in this case and this is why many people use this method for modern flooring.
  • There are plenty of installation methods like floating, glue-down, nail-down and many others and you can choose any one of them for your work.
  • Floating method of installation is such easy that even a person can himself do this type of installation at home. In this installation method there is no necessity of nails or glues.
  • Tongue and groove locking is now another crucial feature that this flooring has.

What timber:

European Oak such as French oak is used to make these timber flooring. Those are already pre-stained and those are finished in such a way that you can directly use them for the work of timber flooring. Gray Ironbark, Blackbutt, Spotted gum is also used as Australian species. The sizes of the timber can also vary from 130mm to 240mm boards. You will also find them in different kinds of tones and finishes which also ensure that you will be able to use these timbers directly for doing the flooring of your home.

How to find the best timber:

If you want to get the best quality timber for this type of timber flooring, then you must take it from the best brands of timber. The timber quality will surely be the most important thing that you must keep in your mind. If the quality of the timber is good you can be assured that the quality of timber flooring will be maintained. It will also ensure the durability of the flooring and it will stay fine for longer time without any kind of problem.

It can surely be said that engineered Timber flooring is now one of the most used methods for making the timber flooring for your home as it is easy to install and you will get the satisfactory durability for the same. It is also true that you will be able to do such installation in the most reasonable price range as well.

Posted on: September 2, 2015, by : admin