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Everything you need to know about LED lights

LED LightsHave you ever realized that the lights in your room actually add up to décor of your room? Long gone is the time when only tube lights and fluorescent bulbs were the only lighting options for the home. Now, is the time for LED! Opt for them, as not only do they offer higher aesthetic value, but also enhance the look of your room.

So, what are actually LED downlights?

You must have heard about LED bulbs and tube lights, haven’t you? So what are these LED downlights and how do they differ from other LED lights? Well basically, LED downlights are no different from other LEDs except for its place of installation. While other lights can be installed on the walls, downlights are specifically installed on cavities of roofs and ceilings, thereby illuminating everything below it. Did you now get why it’s named “downlight”?

These LED downlights are available in lots of elegant and stylish designs and patterns to suit every requirement of yours. Plus, you can find them in quite a number of colours. And the best part about it? You can control its light levels with a regulated switch to create a perfect ambience for any occasion! Dim the lights for the romantic mood or turn the regulator to the max level for a party, these LEDs can suit every mood of yours! Apart from that, they are available in different wattages too!

Where exactly can you use them?

Perfect for standard ceilings, they can be used to light up any residential or commercial place. Consider installing them in cooking areas, work tables and study tables that’ll provide more light while cooking and studying. Apart from that, they can be used in conference rooms, libraries, art galleries, night clubs, bars, restaurants and showrooms.

They are best if you want to light up a section of your room, but to light up the entire room, you might need to consider more than one downlight. Assume this as one its cons.

Does LED downlight offer any pros?

Oh yes, there are lots of benefits of installing LED downlight! Now let’s shed some light on that.

  1. Energy proficient and power saving, LEDs are the best option to save up on electricity bills.
  2. Longer life span than normal fluorescent bulbs and tube lights, an LED light can last for up to 20 years!
  3. Go green with LED as they are environmental friendly, can be recycled and there is no UV emission.
  4. Made from sturdy materials and capable of withstanding any external impact, they have greater durability and are very safe.
  5. No heat emission like other conventional lights.

Is there any downside?

Very few though, LED downlights have limited cons:

  1. High cost.
  2. Professional help needed for installation.
  3. As already mentioned, you’ll need more than one downlight to illuminate the entire room.

Where can you get them?

They are available in most electrical shops, however you can consider buying them online too. Amazon.com is one such site where you can find all types of LEDs to add up to the décor of your living space.

Posted on: March 10, 2015, by : admin