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Installations of Skylights in Perth

SkylightsLuxury, daylight and ventilation can be availed by you only in one package. Fixed and opening high performance double gazed glass skylights and roof windows are offered by Velux for all the applications. Enjoy the natural sight of starry nights and blue skies with fresh air by sitting inside the house. Skylights WA Natural Daylight Solutions offers the best Velux skylights Perth.

There are various benefits of daylight such as your mood can be improved, an inviting space can be created and your home can be brought to life. The light in a dark living area can be improved significantly with the help of skylights.

  • Improve your mood

Physical and mental well-being is enhanced and energy and concentration levels are boosted, if you have access to natural daylight. Serotonin is an essential element which is very important to enhance the mental state. The production of Serotonin in human body is stimulated by daylight, which is considered as the main external natural influence for maintaining a healthy body.

  • A range to suit your need

Skylights WA have improved almost all the houses of Perth scientifically by installing skylights for over 25 years. Daylight is transferred down without the heat into the house by the use of highly reflective rigid cool-tube technology and Raybender3000 technology in the roof domes. Installing a skylight is possible even in a two storied building or multi-storied commercial buildings.


  • Solatube skylight is the best way to get daylight inside your house. The rays of the sun are captured and delivered directly into your house by a series of Solatube skylights. The cost of electricity can be saved by you by living in the true hue of natural daylight from sunrise to sunset. Consistent daylight throughout the day is provided by the unique technology of Solatube. The overpowering midday heat can be rejected by Solatube to provide comfort to the members of the house. If you want to lighten up a small space, then go for the Solatube 160DS Daylighting system. The Solatube 290DS is the perfect choice to brighten up larger rooms of your house. The combination of convex frosted oyster shapes, edged metallic and elegant fabrics and frosted flush grass are included in contemporary ceiling diffusers.
  • The Solatube Smart LED hybrid system will help to brighten up your room for 24 hours. The combination of cutting edge LED technology and the Brighten Up series has made it possible. The LED is activated automatically by the Daylight Sensor when the daylight decreases on a rainy day. This LED is activated automatically with the help of an optional Occupancy Sensor.
  • Full daylight control is provided by Daylight Dimmers. The LED light kit, fully integrated bathroom extraction fans and Daylight Dimmers are the accessories that are included in the package. The substitution of old light fittings is enabled by the LED light kit. You can also choose the Heavenly Intelligent series to maintain high quality at an affordable cost.

Install the skylights in your home today with the help of Skylights WA Natural Daylight Solutions in Perth.

Posted on: June 1, 2017, by : admin