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KSWoodcraft for quality tables and desks

farmhouse-tableWelcome to KS Woodcraft! This is a family owned business at McKinney, Texas where beautifully crafted quality furniture is made. A lot of exotic and mostly domestic hardwoods comprise the species of wood that are used, for instance walnut, zebrawood, knotty alder, hickory, ash, tigerwood, black walnut, rosewood, African teak and Caribbean rosewood. However, when building with exotic hardwoods, it’s highly recommended to go for one with a stainless steel or metal base.

The various types of products built are tables and desks that range from modern industrial to rustic farm style, mid century modern to contemporary. Many tables have been sold and KS Woodcraft take great pride in creating them for the valuable clients.

The featured products from the house of KSWoodcraft are:

  • Standard Farmhouse table
  • Trestle Table
  • Round Table
  • Farmhouse Table with legs turned
  • Boxcar Table
  • Strip Table with Metallic Bottom
  • Contemporary Farmhouse Tables

At KSWoodcraft, all orders are built to make. Every piece of wood is handpicked prior to inspection for the structural design and complimentary grain blending process. The beautifully crafted furniture’s are absolutely handmade and have a price range between $875 and $1,950. Many of the furniture are our customer’s favourites. Also, take into consideration that the same table can be made from the different species of wood.

For select tables, an expandable edition, where breadboards drag out and a 1 ft leaf might be fitted at either end, is also offered. However, do get in touch with representatives for the price. The tables are of standard sizes and made to order with a choice between a trestle bases or of 4 legs. The height is about 29 ½ to 30” and 1 5/8” with thick firm tops. The prices and details are viewable at the drop down menus. There are also similar length matching benches as the table size available. The price for these benches can range between $594 and $1,050.

There are absolutely no problems with standard sizes not included in the lists. All one needs to do is get in touch with the desired measurements and get a quotation. Normally, it takes about 4 to 6 weeks to build and bear in mind that since all wood is not the same, do expect a slight deviation in the grain appearance and the tops colour.

The products are shipped to one’s nearby terminal all over the 48 states. The service takes into account packaging, palletizing and freight charges. For door-to-door preference delivery, the price might be increased as a result of residential and lift gate fees.

Visa Card, Mastercard, American Express, Discover and direct checkout or PayPal with credit card are the acceptable payment methods. However, orders sent to any address inside Texas will be charged sales tax. Starting from the moment of product delivery, all items have 90 days warranty. Kindly do logon to the website and checkout the Policies, Refunds and Exchanges section.

Moreover, for any local that wants to visit and view the range of furniture prior to a purchase, a tour will be provided of the showroom or the shop.

Posted on: April 15, 2015, by : admin