The revolutionary Varidesk

varedeskSitting all day long for a working person is a very bad habit and it may even be harmful for your health. To solve this problem and help those people who work on the table all day sitting on a chair, standing desk converter Varidesk have been invented. So, this is basically a device designed to serve the purpose of reading, writing or working while sitting and standing both. These devices manufactured by a lot of companies nowadays and are being used a lot in offices and homes. The people of eighteenth century invented and marketed this and since then, the uses of it have grown more and more with newer and advanced models.

Though a lot of models of this device are manufactured by various companies, only a few are the best. So, before buying this unique furniture, you must be well aware of the advantages and featured offered by these. Now, the obvious question is why should you buy a standing desk converter for your home or office?

According to various studies and research, research organisations and universities have come to a conclusion that sitting for a long time harms your back bone by offering forty to eighty percent more stress than while standing. So, buying a desk that offers you to work both while standing and working may help you in relieving the stress of working all day long while sitting. The ergonomics offered by this unique piece of furniture is really great and you can adjust the height of the table surface as per your requirement. Basically, while sitting, your back muscles cannot remain at its natural curve causing your back muscles extra stress leading to back pain. But, while standing, your back muscles experience lesser tension and so lesser amount of stress leading to healthy back muscles with lesser amount of resultant fatigue.

Now that you are well aware about the health advantages offered by this great piece of furniture. So, you should now know about some of the features you need to look for in this furniture while buying one for yourself.

  • You should choose a model of this furniture that offers you dual or single monitor support as per your need.
  • Some of the models of this unique furniture are shipped well assembled by the manufacturer itself. So, if you want it to be ready for use just out box, you should be checking for a preassembled model.
  • You should prefer the one that offers easy installation steps. Generally, quality products manufactured by good companies give you a user manual in simple language to understand the simple instructions to follow.
  • You should buy the one that gives a sturdy and solid structure able to support more weight. You will find a lot of models with superior build quality.
  • Some of these support desktop usage over it and come with a keyboard tray to build a better work ergonomics.
  • Also check the extent of adjustment that can be made and buy the one that suits your height for better compatibility.

So, please check the above mentioned features to look for and buy the one that suits your requirement and budget.

Posted on: May 8, 2015, by : admin