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Where to find a good cabinet maker?

best joineryWould you like to design your home with the best joinery? Are you fascinated of giving your home some good interior works? First of all let’s see what joinery is? For the ones who know what joinery is, it’s fine. But for the ones who do not, what it actually is here is a brief introduction about joinery.

Joinery is those wooden components of a building which include doors, stairs, window and door frames and so on. Joinery can also be told of as a part of woodworking which involves joining different pieces of wood in order to produce more complex items. Some wood joints may employ binding/adhesive, fastening etc., while others may need only wooden elements.

Some of the important characteristics of wooden joints such as flexibility, strength, appearance, toughness are derived from the properties of joining materials. This is why different methodologies are employed to join different types of joints. In order to join the different wooden parts, different materials are used. Glue is one such material used to join the timber when the surfaces are edge-grain. A joint which is glued is believed to be much stronger than a single piece of wood. Other than the glue, various mechanical fasteners are also used to fix the joints such as screws. Sometimes, joints may be designed to hold each other without the use of glue or fasteners also.

TJS or Total Joinery Supplies is a joinery manufacturing company. They have experience in joinery manufacturing for about 25 years and are also specialized in manufacturing joinery of many award winning designs. All the joinery manufactured by Total Joinery Supplies is custom built and use the latest technology and best quality material. Total Joinery Supplies are well known for their outstanding customer services and completion on time. They provide you the best services at an affordable price.

Some of the major supplies of Total Joinery Supplies are laminex, Formica, polytec, Carter Holt, bonlex, stylite, Blum, grass, hettich, caesar stone, corian, quantum quartz. The services provided by them are bathroom joinery, linen storage, wall units, alfresco joinery, wardrobes, open shelving, entertainment units, laundry cabinets, kitchen joinery etc.

Total Joinery Supplies are spread in various places to serve people in various areas. The areas they serve are Thomastown, Greensborough, Bundoora,   Diamond Creek and Eltham. Total Joinery Supplies are one of the best companies in the town producing the best joinery items.

So what are you waiting for? Go and get your home designed by the best joinery designs. Wooden joinery will give a finely crafted asset to your home or even to your commercial building. As told earlier, timer joinery comes in a huge range of pieces like kitchen bench top, shelving, wall units, windows and doors. You can get a custom made wood joinery from Total Joinery Supplies and interior design your home. Make your home look the way you want it to and at an affordable price as well. Just log on to for more details about the nature of services.

Posted on: October 19, 2015, by : admin